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Created: 7/4/2005



  • Spermatogenesis, sexual behaviour, erection and ejaculation and their endocrine
  • control
  • Age related changes in erectile dysfunction and fertility
  • The effect of urological disease and its treatment on erectile function, ejaculation and
  • fertility
  • The causes of erectile dysfunction
  • The investigation of erectile dysfunction with an appreciation of sources of error in
  • their interpretation
  • An understanding of the role of penile prosthesis in the treatment of erectile
  • dysfunction
  • Peyronie's disease - its nature, clinical features and treatment
  • Priapism - its causes and their differentiation and the treatments available
  • The causes and treatment of retrograde ejaculation
  • The causes of infertility
  • The controversy surrounding varicocoele and its effect on fertility; the technique,
  • pitfalls and interpretation of semen analysis and the use of hormone assays
  • The role of scrotal exploration, vasography and testicular biopsy
  • The treatment of infertility including the appropriate use of surgery and non-surgical
  • treatments
  • Vasectomy including counselling prior to vasectomy, techniques, early and late
  • complications
  • Vasectomy reversal including counselling patients pre-operatively, technique and
  • results
  • The various types of artificial conception and the principles of such treatments

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