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Bladder Dysfunction

Created: 7/4/2005



  • The anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the lower urinary tract
  • The physiology and hydrodynamics of bladder filling and emptying and the higher centres involved in their control. The effect of various pharmacological agents on these activities and their mechanism of action
  • Clinical assessment of bladder dysfunction and its pitfalls
  • Urodynamic evaluation of lower urinary tract function
  • The distinction between disorders of contractility and disorders of compliance
  • Detrusor instability - its nature, causes, diagnosis and treatment
  • Impaired detrusor contractility - its nature, causes, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment and particularly its association with ageing and with bladder outflow obstruction
  • Clean intermittent self catheterisation and a detailed appreciation of its use, value and complications
  • Drugs used in the treatment of bladder dysfunction and the details of their pharmacological action and side effects
  • An appreciation of the contributions of the ISC Standardisation Committee
  • The role of electrical stimulation in the treatment of bladder dysfunction
  • Neuro-urology, management of spinal injuries with respect to disordered bladder function.
  • Surgical management of neurogenic bladder dysfunction

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