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Nephrology and Transplantation

Created: 7/4/2005




  • The structure and function of the kidney including glomerular and tubular physiology
  • Obstructive nephropathy with particular reference to pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction, its pathophysiology, investigation and treatment
  • The aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of acute renal failure with particular reference to hypovolemic shock, septicaemic shock and obstructive nephropathy
  • The causes, investigation and management of a chronic renal failure from a surgical perspective
  • A general knowledge of the inter-relationship between hypertension and renal disease. The consequences of analgesic nephropathy
  • A general appreciation of glomerular and tubular disease of the kidney and its manifestations and investigation
  • The role of peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis and haemofiltration in the management of acute and chronic renal failure
  • The general principles of access surgery for such treatments
  • A general knowledge of the techniques of renal retrieval and renal transplantation,
  • including an appreciation of the ethical issues involved, and selection of organ donors
  • The principles of immunology and immuno-supression
  • The results and complications of renal transplantation with particular reference to the urological complications of transplantation

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