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General interview questions

Created: 9/4/2005



What's the difference between an SHO and SpR?
What qualities make a good SpR?
What skills do you think you need as a consultant?
How do you ensure you acquire these skills?
As an SpR you will often be in a position to have to call upon your consultant for advice or to come in, what sort of things would you call him/her for?
Do you think there should be protocols set down for calling in your consultant?
Is there a case which sticks in your mind and why?
What's the worst/best case you have managed?
What's the most interesting case you have seen?
Why do you want to work in ......'whereverford'
What are the qualities of a leader?
What are the qualities of a team?
Example of good/bad team management?
Give examples of teams that you are involved with at work.

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