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Clinical governance interview questions

Created: 9/4/2005


Clinical Governance

What do you understand by clinical governance?
Discuss any recent NICE recommendations you are aware of. What are the disadvantages of these recommendations?
How can consultants and trainees do their CMED?
How do you keep yourself up to date in your practice?
What is clinical effectiveness?
What do you think about/do you practice evidence-based medicine?
What do you know about levels of evidence?
What level of evidence will change your practice?
What is Risk Management? If you are given the role of risk manager how will you go about reducing risks in urology?
Is there anything you have read recently which has changed your practice?
Any recent incident in your practice which has made you change the way you practice?
What do you knoe about national service frameworks?
What do you know about the commission for health improvement?

Useful links

Clinical governance on the department of health website

Important clinical governance links

The NICE website

Clinical Governance Journal on the Royal Society of Medicine Website

NHS Clinical Governance support team website

The National Audit Office Website

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