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Surgical aspects interview questions

Created: 9/4/2005


Surgical Aspects

What have been the major advances in urology in the past 10 years?
What will be the major advances in urology in the next 10 years?
How do you give informed consent? What methods of reinforcement do you use? When do you get consent? Is this appropriate? (i.e. one hour before the list)
When you make a patient information leaflet using patient groups do you think they self-select and are therefore not necessarily unbiased?
What level do you pitch your information at?
Which side do you lean towards explaining in very simple terms or more detailed? How do you stop yourself from using medical parlance?
How would you consent a patient undergoing an epididymal cystectomy?
Explain to a group of sixth formers what a urologist’s job involves.
What do you think about working in multidisciplinary teams? Pros and cons of multidisciplinary teams.

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