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Star Ratings

Created: 24/5/2006
Updated: 24/5/2006

Hospital Star Ratings

  • First published in 2001
  • Trusts are awarded zero, one, two or three stars
  • Initially performed by the Department of Health, but now The Commission for Health Improvement
  • Some of the key targets:
    • Emergency departement (ED) waits
    • Two week cancer waits
    • Cancelled operations
    • Financial mangement
    • Cleanliness
    • In-patient/out-patients waits

Discussion points:

  • Only provide a snapshot of the hospital
  • Do not tale into account patients care or mortality rates (yet)
  • Hospitals are informed prior to assessment
  • A BMA survey found that during assessment week 85% of ED's were treating their patients within 4 hours, however in the following week this fell to 65%
  • Cannot be ignored!
  • Influences how the public view a particular hospital
  • Has implicatons on hospital funding


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