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How would you prepare for a presentation?

Created: 24/5/2006
Updated: 24/5/2006


How would you prepare for a presentation?

Aim of a teaching session-presentation is that the audience leave with an improved level of understanding
Why am I speaking?
Information, teaching, motivation

To whom am I speaking?
Determine the level of understanding required
Need to define the needs of the audience rather than telling them what you want to tell them

Where am I speaking?
Visit the lecture theatre, familiarise yourself with the equipment

When am I speaking?
First lecture of the day/immediately after lunch?-can determine the duration and content of the presentation

What am I going to say?
Determine your onbjectives

How am I going to say it?
Find ways of making the delivery interesting-audiovisual aids, planning and audience participation can achieve this
Are you going to use notes?
Determine the pace of the presentation
Which points are you going to emphasise?

NB Feedback from the audience is essential

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