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The Karnofsky Performance Status Score

Created: 4/7/2006
Updated: 4/7/2006

Karnofsky Performance Status Score

The Karnofsky Performance Scale Index allows patients to be classified as to their functional impairment. The score is useful to follow the course of an illness (usually progressive deficit and ultimately death) and compare effectiveness of different therapies. It has also proven useful as a prognosticator: patients with the highest (best) Karnofsky scores at the time of tumour diagnosis have the best survival and quality of life over the course of their illness. (The lower the Karnofsky score, the worse the survival for most serious illnesses)

100 Normal, no evidence of disease
90 Able to perform normal activity with only minor symptoms
80 Normal activity with effort, some symptoms
70 Able to care for self but unable to do normal activities
60 Requires occasional assistance, cares for most needs
50 Requires considerable assistance
40 Disabled, requires special assistance
30 Severely disabled
20 Very sick, requires active supportive treatment
10 Moribund

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