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Key facts - Summary of nephron function

Created: 22/8/2006
Updated: 22/8/2006


Summary of nephron function

Renal Corpuscle (glom and Bowman’s capsule)

  • Ultrafiltration – 125mls/min, approx 20% RPF

Proximal convoluted tubule

  • Reabsorbs – Two thirds of  Na+, Cl- and water, most HCO3, glucose, K+, HPO42-, 98% amino acids, uric acid, 50% of urea
  • Secretes – Organic acids and bases, H+ some NH4+ (involved in maintenance of acid-base balance through)

Loop of Henle

  • Descending – Water reabsorption
  • Ascending – Na+ and Cl- reabsorption (some K+, Ca2+, Mg2+)

Distal convoluted tubule

  • Reabsorbs Na+, Cl-, water (HCO3-, K+)
  • Secretes H+, NH4+ (K+)

Collecting Duct

  • Reabsorbs Na+, Cl-, H20, urea (K+)
  • Secretes H+, NH4+ (K+)


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