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Created: 27/9/2006
Updated: 27/9/2006


Renal Oncocytoma


  • Benign tumour of the kidney
  • Renal oncocytomas account for 3-7% of renal tumours
  • They are twice as common in males
  • Have a similar age incidence as RCC’s


  • Macroscopically they are usually well-circumscribed, round, encapsulated and have tan/light brown or "mahogany" appearance
  • Bilateral in approximately 6% of cases
  • Microscopically they consist of large, well-differentiated polygonal eosinophillic cells with numerous large mitochondria
  • Not known to metastasize
  • Associated with the loss of chromosome 1 and the Y chromosome


  • Incidental finding in the majority of cases (80%) 
  • Can present with loin pain or haematuria


  • CT scanning can show the characteristic “spoke-wheel” caused by the central scar, but are usually undistinguishable from a hypovascular RCC


  • They are generally managed with partial or radical nephrectomy depending on the case and further follow-up is not usually required

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